FCCLA Extravaganza
Posted on 07/13/2018

Keldon Fitzgerald, Parker Snyder, and Jaida Haynes' Promote FCCLA Star Event! During National FCCLA week our Philip chapter celebrated by doing “Philip Scottie Promote FCCLA Extravaganza”! This was a very fun week that was held at the school February 10th -16th for students and faculty! Throughout the week we did various activities in hopes of sparking peoples interests in FCCLA. Some of the activities that took place during that week where: FCCLA emblem hunt, King and Queen of hearts, Valentine’s Day flower sale, receive a free FCCLA tee-shirt, locker tags, and a noon treat for students and staff. We also had a theme for everyday: Monday-Be Spirited, Tuesday-Be Confident, Wednesday- Be Prepared, and Thursday- Be A Friend. This was a very fun week in which we hope to continue throughout the years!