Scholarship Checklist

                                                       SCHOLARSHIP TO DO LIST
  • 3-Ring binder and a package of clear plastic sheet protectors to store all of your scholarship materials.
  • A box of resume paper for printing your scholarship applications
  • Large manila envelopes for mailing your applications.
_____Start your scholarship binder.  Print this checklist and put it in the front of your binder.
_____Finalize your activities resume, print on resume paper and keep several copies in your binder.  (We have been working on these since your Freshman year!)
_____Go to Mrs. DeJong's scholarship list, and edit it to reflect which scholarships you are eligible for; save it to the H drive or your flash drive and print a copy for your binder.
_____Sign up for the scholarship search engines listed on Mrs. DeJong's scholarship list.
_____Fill out every scholarship that you qualify for!
_____Spend your open hour in Mrs. DeJong's office at least once a week working on scholarships! Her schedule is posted by her door, so you will know when she is available.
_____Check your email daily for information about your scholarship applications.
_____Ask Mrs. DeJong for:
  • several copies of your official transcript and put in your binder.
  • an emailed copy of your official transcript to use for online scholarship applications.
_____Make several copies of your college/votech acceptance letter and put in your binder.
_____Ask three people (no relatives) to write a general scholarship letter of recommendation and give you several copies of the signed letter to keep  in your binder. (Suggested recommenders are: a teacher; a coach; a community member; your pastor; an employer; or an organization advisor such as 4-H, FFA, FCCLA, Student Council.)  Also, give them a copy of your activities resume to help them when they write the letter.
_____Ask Dani for a copy of your high school attendance record, make several copies on resume paper and put in your binder.
_____Make several copies of your highest ACT score report on resume paper and put in your binder.
_____Write a brief essay (approximately 300 words) stating your plans for college, what you plan to study, and what you plan to do following college graduation.  Save on the H drive or your flashdrive. Print copies on resume paper for your binder.
_____Save a copy of each scholarship application you complete and each essay you write and put in your binder.
_____Keep a list of login information for your online scholarship applications.